NC Snow Storm 2014 | Mooresville NC gets snow!

NC Snow Storm 2014

NC Snow Storm 2014

NC Snow Storm 2014

NC Snow Storm 2014


NC Snow Storm 2014 was one of EPIC proportion in Mooresville NC!  This historic storm brought more snow and ice than this region has seen in almost 12 years!  All of the schools and government offices were closed.  Interstates were shut down.  Grocery store shelves were bare of simple necessities.  Children all over NC frolicked in the snow, built snowmen and were able to sled ride and snowboard like never before!

City, county and state government agencies are working to improve road conditions. CDOT says its equipped with plenty of salt, and crews will work in 12 hour shifts. Contractors are handling extra work.
Public transportation is also affected, while we did see Yellow Cab of Mooresville NC out and about helping stranded residents.

The airport is open but service is significantly less than the standard. All arrivals have been cancelled and a very limited number of departures are making their way out of Charlotte Douglas. One runway remains closed. US Airways cancelled all of its flights for the remainder of Thursday. About 1,000 people stayed overnight in terminals.

Both Governor McCrory and Governor Haley declared states of emergency for the Carolinas.

What was it like for our family?  When you live in the south, snow is something we almost celebrate!  While children in the north are ‘used to’ snow days (and snow in general!), children in the south aren’t used to ‘snow days’ and pray for them!  There are all sorts of things they do to bring on a snow days……sleep with spoons under their pillows, wear their pajamas inside out…..sound crazy?  Well snow makes southerners just a little crazy!  We thoroughly enjoyed two days of chili, pot roast, dessert, movies and playing in the snow.  Now if we had been on the road, as so many were, I may be telling you a different tale.  One thing about living in the south…..when the forecast professionals tell you a winter storm is coming, you learn to listen and make sure you’re home and off the roads.

It’s not ‘normal’ to have this sort of weather in the Carolinas, so don’t let it scare you off.  If you’re relocating to this area, you learn to enjoy a snow day as a gift you get to spend with family and friends!  The NC Snow Storm 2014 will be one to remember for a long time!

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