Staging Your Home To Sell | How To Sell in Mooresville NC and Get More In Less Time!

Staging Your Home To Sell….. How To Sell in Mooresville NC For More In Less Time!

If you’re like many homeowners, spring is the season you will think about getting your home ready to enter the real estate market.  Like many homeowners, your home is most likely your largest investment and one you wish to receive equity from.  In order to maximize your selling price and minimize time on the market, one of the most important things you can do is to Stage Your Home for sale.

Don’t let the word ‘staging’ frighten you!  In everyday life, we do not live in a home that is ‘staged’.  Staging simply lessens your personal stamp on the home and allows a buyer to envision the home as their own.  While many homeowners do not like the idea of staging when selling your Mooresville NC home, doing so can bring enormous gains!!  To help you get started:

Please do:

  • Set your listing price by using area comparables, not based upon what you need to pay off a car or any other loan.


  • Put personal collections away someplace safe, you will need to pack them anyway.
  • Invest in a fresh coat of paint and get 150 percent $$ back on your investment.  Paint is AMAZING!
  • Disclose everything, especially the stuff you are tempted NOT to…..those are the things that can bite you after the sale.  Repair or disclose up front.
  • Fix all running toilets, or you will be flushing profit down the drain……this goes for dripping faucets too.
  • “Outside” is the new “inside”! Showcase all of your living spaces, both indoor and outdoor.  Outdoor living spaces are beautiful showpieces.


  • Visit model homes in Mooresville NC to see how the neutral and spacious areas are so inviting…..they are decorated like that so you envision yourself there and don’t feel the home is ‘someone else’s’.
  • Grind a lemon in the garbage disposal – it smells great and is something you will do forever once you try it!  No better way to freshen the garbage disposal!
  • Display the kind of plants that don’t look petrified or so artificial in color that they lose credibility.  Greenery is an amazing way to warm a space, just be careful what you choose/ quality.



  • Rationalize that asking a higher price gives you more wiggle room. You could wind up sitting idle on the market with a house full of wiggle room.
  • Make your house smell like a cherry berry or a perfume counter.  People can be very offended by smells and smells can trigger allergies for some.  Rather, use vanilla or bake cookies to fill your home with smell.  Nothing screams ‘I’m Home!’ more than fresh baked cookies!
  • “Clean up” by filling all the closets
  • Avoid yard work. Your house only gets one chance to make a first impression. Overgrown shrubs, broken gutters, chipping paint on the front door and cobwebs are the real estate equivalent of dandruff and can turn off a potential buyer instantly.


Looking for further HOME SELLING TIPS when selling your Mooresville NC home?  At the BT Homes Group, one of the benefits we provide our Seller Clients is a FREE consultation with an Accredited Home Staging Professional on our team!  She will use your current items, repurpose them and your space and create a home that will sell for MORE and in a lot less time!  Let our team get you ready for spring market!

STAGING YOUR HOME TO SELL in Mooresville NC ………IT WORKS!  Let us show you how we sell homes in Mooresville NC.  We are here to get you what YOU want most!



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